Atsuhiko Okamoto

Cornet Soloist / Conductor


岡本篤彦(おかもと あつひこ)
コルネット・ソロイスト / 指揮者

Atsuhiko Okamoto Cornet Soloist / Conductor
Born in Kakegawa, Shizuoka prefecture in Japan
Okamoto, who currently lives in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture, graduated from Kunitachi College of Music and completed Certificate Program in Arts in Tamagawa University. After studying trumpet under Hosei Soken, and trumpet/cornet under Takeo Yamamoto, he joined Tokyo Brass Society as a cornettist in 1981. In 1991, he made a profound training of cornet/ brass band under David King at University of Salford in England. Since joining Breeze Brass Band in 1992, he had been a principal cornettist for 9 years until the year of 2000. These musical activities include performances in Europe (Switzerland, France and England) and recording a number of CDs. Other than holding a cornet recital for the first time in Japan and having organized many recitals actively thereafter, he currently works as a cornet soloist throughout the country, and as a conductor and a director of brass band and wind orchestra as well. While serving as a musical director of Osaka Harmony Brass, he participated in the Australian National Band Championships in 2003 and 2006 as a conductor. And he was invited from the Ern Keller International Soloist of the Year 2010 as a cornet soloist. He also established Hamamatsu Brass Band in 2004 and currently serves as a representative and a musical director of the band.